Ovulation Induction

Among the alternative treatments to the infertile couple, this is the most basic and the simplest. After a correct evaluation of factors that can prevent pregnancy, with evaluation of the fallopian tubes permeability, evaluation of semen without any alteration and the absence of diseases on the female genital system, it is possible to try the gestation using the programmed intercourse. The objective of this technique is to make sure that sperms will be inside the fallopian tubes in the ovulation moment.

This technique consists in inducing the development of follicles using stimulation medication and following it through a series of ultrasound pictures. When the follicle reaches the ideal size, the medication that induces ovulation is used, and then the exact moment for the sexual intercourse is set.

Using this method it is possible to increase the pregnancy chances, mainly on cases when patients have ovulatory dysfunction, a disorder in which ovulation does not occur or occurs late.