Semen Freezing


Semen Freezing is an alternative to patients who will undergo oncological treatment or any other condition that can compromise his fertility. The samples are frozen in a cryoprotectant ambient – that prevents crystal formation and reduces any damage that the freezing process can cause to the cells – and kept in liquid nitrogen at – 196ºC of temperature, so they can be frozen for unlimited time.

Semen samples can be frozen as a sort of insurance, assuring, in the future, the obtainment of viable sperms, that weren’t exposed to aggressive agents. For example, men who have decided to realize a vasectomy, that is to say becoming sterile. Many have the objective of avoiding kids at present time, but not to exclude the possibility of a pregnancy in the future. Moreover, semen freezing is also very important for couples who are undergoing human reproduction treatment and the man cannot be present at the woman`s egg collection date.

Besides the frozen samples for the patient`s own use, the semen bank also stocks donors samples that are going to be used for couples whose man do not produce sperms or for women without partners. The semen donation aims to provide the marital infertility treatment when there is absence of sperms or when there is risk of genetic disorder transmission by the father. Besides that, it also allows that woman who don’t have partner, are able to have a baby.

According the 1358/92 resolution, of the Federal Council of Medicine, September 30, 1992, the gametes donation shall be anonymous, that is to say, the donor won`t know the couple to whom the sample will be addressed, neither the possible conceived child. In the same way, the couple or woman who receives the sample won’t have access to the donor id. However, there is no Brazilian law concerning this matter, so the paternity acknowledge can be required to the national justice by the generated person when he or she is in legal age, The donations are voluntary and free of charge, the donor will not receive any financial reward.