Egg Freezing

Women’s fertility preservation is a reality in the reproductive medicine. Firstly it represented hope for a big number of young women who were sadly surprised by a cancer. It is known know that with the development of cancer treatment and diagnosis technology, a large number of people get healed and wish to take their life back. However, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and some surgeries can destroy these patient`s reproductive potential. When woman freeze their eggs before these treatments they are able to, through in vitro fertilization, realize the pregnancy dream, continuing their families and life.


Nowadays woman seek for the social egg freezing: when they know they’ll have to postpone the pregnancy due to professional or emotional reasons, and choose to preserve their fertility through egg freezing, when they are still in good quantity and quality to ensure a healthy pregnancy in the future. Differing from men, women don’t have new gametes formation, she is already born with her egg stock, which is consumed over her life. Besides that, aging diminishes her genetically normal egg quantity. For those reasons, the ideal is to realize the preservation before 35
years old.

There are two alternatives: freeze eggs o ovarian tissue, but the second option is a technique still considered as experimental. The egg freezing is a successful and well established technique. However, in order to obtain a safe egg quantity to assure the future pregnancy, it is necessary the use of ovary stimulation medications, process which takes approximately 20 days. Depending on the quantity of produced eggs, it can be necessary more than one cycle of stimulation to generate a good quantity of eggs to increase the chance of pregnancy, bearing in mind we cannot precise how many eggs will fertilize after the defrosting.