Complementary Therapies

In general, the moment the couple decides to have children is followed by great expectations. What is expected is that the conception happens quickly. However, there are cases in which the so long wished baby does not come soon, this can provoke much frustration and anxiety, and these feelings can decrease the chances of success.

The stress created because the dream of having a child within the expected time is not fulfilled can be a threat the fertility of both sexes. In women, the stress acts altering the release of hormones that influence ovulation cycle, and in men, the stress decreases the libido and affects the production of spermatozoa. And even more: the substances produced by the female body also can interfere in the movement of the fallopian tubes that become less efficient in the fertilization process.

At this point, a certain amount of anxiety is normal, but if the couple cannot deal as they wish with the emotions that this phase brings on, there are many options on complementary treatments to support them. Psychotherapy, acupuncture and Indian medicine, for example, can offer more emotional stability and tranquility, since a specialist doctor follows the procedures.

It is worth keeping in mind that, before anything else, the good old balanced nutrition, combined with moderate physical exercises and healthy living habits are the main well being pillars and they cannot be forgotten at this moment.



Many couples look for psychotherapy as a way to increase their chances when they need help to deal with the stress that comes before the pregnancy time. Despite the fact that researches relating emotional factors and infertility have not been conclusive, just talking about their anxiety helps the couple dealing with it.

The technique is specially recommended to those who will undergo assisted fertilization procedures. Although the anxiety is mostly related to the doubt about the success or the failure on the treatment, other issues that have not been solved tend to appear at this moment, such as the decision to freeze the embryos or not, the acceptance of eggs or spermatozoa from donors (when it is necessary) and, on the other hand, the possibility of being a donor, and, in the future, the choice of telling or not to the others and to the child about the conception.



According to researches, women who undergo in vitro fertilization and use acupuncture therapy on the day the eggs will be transferred can increase up to 65% their chances of getting pregnant. The recommendation is that the procedure is made on the environment where the transference will happen and at the moment it is happening, so that the uterus will be relaxed, the vascularization will increase and make it easier to the embryo to adhere to the endometrium. The acupuncture stimulates the release of hormones and the uterine blood flow, while it inhibits the answer of the biological stress, what can be really useful for the reproduction process.

Furthermore, this technique also helps the emotional balance and produces relaxation. Trying to get pregnant, a woman may create many expectations and face frustrations, and this can have an impact on her health. The acupuncture helps dealing with feelings in a better way, being calmer and thus, preparing the body for pregnancy.