Scientific Development

Always concerned about the development of its professionals, Vida – Centro de Fertilidade invests in the scientific development of the team by the constant participation in scientific events, scientific articles publications and meetings seeking knowledge exchange through continuing medical education, turned to the medical community.


Post-Graduation course “Lato Sensu” in Assisted Human Reproduction

With one group oriented to doctors and another one oriented to biologists or biomedics, the Post-Graduation course “Lato Sensu” in Assisted Human Reproduction lasts 12 months, counting with a theoretical and a practical module each month, totalizing 388 hours.


Medical Residency Program in partnership with the State University of Rio de Janeiro (Uerj)

Vida – Centro de Fertilidade has a partnership with Uerj to realize it’s medical residency (R4) in Gynaecology-Obstetrics, in which the structure of the clinic is offered for the realization of the training in Assisted Human Reproduction.


Fertility Symposium

The clinic constantly realizes scientific events seeking the development of the medical community.


Scientific Articles

Expressions of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor and Nitric Oxide Synthase III in the Thyroid Gland of Ovariectomized Rats Are Upregulated by Estrogen and Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators – Article published at the THYROID magazine, volume 20, number 1, 2010.

Simultaneous male and female gamete cryopreservation: A strategy of supporting decision making in life  Cardoso, MCA; Gallo, P; Aguiar, APS; Sartorio, C; Ferreira-Porto, FC; Erthal, MC. Work Presented at the International Fertility Preservation Society congress (ISFP), 2011.

Comparison among different pre-human embryo morphological classifications regarding pregnancy prognostic in in vitro fertilizations (IVF) cycles  Gindri, GM; Werneck, CLV;Aguiar, APS; Erthal, MC; Gallo, P; Cardoso, MCA. . Work Presented at the American Society of Reproductive Medicene congress (ASRM), 2012.

The influence of sequencial scoring in determining the best embryo classification for transfer when not using time lapse technology –Cardoso, MCA; Aguiar, APS; Erthal, MC; Gallo, P; Evangelista, A; Sartorio, C.  . Work Presented at the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embriology (ESHRE), 2013. .

Does PCOS pacientes are good egg donors? – VAZ, G; Evangelista, A; Tupinambá, B; Sartorio, C; Cardoso, MCA; Erthal, MC; Gallo, P. Work Presented at the American Society of Reproductive Medicene congress (ASRM), 2014.

The effects of liraglutide on male fertility –  Fontoura, P; Cardoso, MCA; Erthal, MC; Werneck, CLV; Sartorio, C; Ramos, CF.. Department of Anatomy, State University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Vida Centro de Fertilidade Clinic, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Article published at the Reproductive Biomedicine Online magazine, volume 29, 2014.

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