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MD.X Barra Medical Center

MD.X Barra Medical Center

The progress of Human Assisted Reproduction over the last years is amazing. Likewise, Vida – Centro de Fertilidade has had unparalleled development since 2003, when it was founded at Hospital Barra D’Or. The result of the commitment and dedication of the team could not be different: it was necessary to grow. Thanks to the increasing number of patients, it was imperative to enlarge the infrastructure and the time to look for a larger space came up.

Thus, 2011 represented a landmark in the evolution of Fertility Center’s facilities. With the opening on March 15th, 2011, Vida Fertility Center has become the most modern service available for Human Reproduction in Rio de Janeiro. It is located in MD.X Barra Medical Center, in Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro.


The facilities of the Fertility Center were designed to offer highly specialized assistance, but also concerned with humanized assistance as well:



gametasGametes and Embryos Laboratory

It has last generation equipment; it has air quality and temperature rigorously controlled. Besides, its professionals are highly qualified, because the best machines do not work without the best “pilots” to handle them.

coleta-ovlEgg collection Room

It is equipped with all the requirements of a surgery room; it offers a painless procedure with no risk to the patient. It is linked to the laboratory, thus allowing a synchronized work among the teams, without stress to the eggs, which are extremely delicate cells.


sala-coletaSemen collection room

It is far from busy areas, it offers comfort and privacy to the man. It is also directly linked to the laboratory, so that the collected sample will not be transported to different places nor be handled by people, it will be immediately analyzed.


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