The Fertility Center is certified by Rede Latinoamericana de Reprodução Assistida (Latin American Assisted Reproduction Network). Redlara is an educational and scientific institution, it brings together more than 90% of centers engaged in assisted reproduction techniques in Latin America and it is the main institution offering specialization certification in the region.

The accreditation rigorously reviews facilities, equipments, clinical and laboratory procedures, plan of control of the laboratory quality, treatment results, and informed consents signed by the patients, checking the quality of the procedures. Only centers that fulfill the excellence of the demands are able to have the certification.

The Fertility Center also takes part on Registro Latinoamericano de Reprodução Assistida (Latin American Register of Assisted Reproduction – RLA), yearly published by Redlara, that catalogs all the results from assisted reproduction techniques reported by the certified centers. RLA makes it possible for both doctors and patients to have an instrument that allows them evaluate the efficiency and quality of treatments.


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Certification in clean area and / or monitored

Vida Fertility Center is certified by the company CCL, specialized in ambient contamination control, through the certificate report of clean area and / or  monitored. The report is issued each semester after a technical visit to the lab and operating room, when are realized tests of the quality of the air proposed by national norms (NBR 10152; NBR 10151; NBR 5382) and internationals (IEST – RP – CC 006.2; ISO 14644-1). Moreover the ambient contamination control, it is also done microbiological analyses of surface, air and water of the incubators by the company Baktron Microbiologia, following the american phamacopeial metodology (United States Pharmacopoeia – 28th Edition).


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