About us

centro01Created in 2004, Vida – Centro de Fertilidade offers the most modern and the most recent in terms of Assisted Human Reproduction. There, men and women who search for the fertility treatment are evaluated as a whole, since the objective of the Centro is not only reach the pregnancy but also the organic and emotional well-being of the person and the family that will increase.

With a complete multidisciplinary team who dedicates time, effort and work, so that more and more couples can make the dream of pregnancy come true, Vida – Centro de Fertilidade has stood out in terms of results.

A consequence of this team commitment was the increasing number of patients, what made essential the expansion of the area used by the Centro. Thus, on March 15th, 2011 Vida left its old headquarters, opened in 2004 at Hospital Barra D’Or, and moved to MDX Barra Medical Center.  With 480 m² and last generation equipments, the new center became the most modern service in terms of Assisted Human Reproduction in Rio de Janeiro.

Our Mission: Seek the pregnancy dream through the alliance of technology with ethic and humanized treatment.



Vida – Fertility Center is licensed by the Sanitary Surveillance of the State of Rio de Janeiro and accredited by the Latin American Network of Assisted Reproduction. Redlara is a scientific and educational institution that gathers more than 90% of reproductive medicine centers in Latin America and it is the principal certificating agency of this field in the region.

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