What is Fertility?

In order to have fertilization happening, it is necessary to select a good quality mature egg and a good amount of sperm with mobility and normal shape, so that at least one sperm is able to reach the egg. The fertilization can happen from 24 to 48 hours after ovulation, which is known as fertile period interval.

After fertilization, the embryo is directed to the womb, which was previously prepared by hormones, so that endometrial implantation will occur (the womb’s internal layer forms a ‘nest’ to the baby that will grow).

All these procedures are important as to have pregnancy happening in a spontaneous way. Each step must be analyzed individually, in cases where it is difficult to get gestation.

About  two out of ten couples all over the world have difficulties to get pregnant.

A young woman has around 25% of chances of getting pregnant in a month. When the woman is over 30 years-old and the couple has had a year having normal sexual activity without having pregnancy or when the woman is over 40 years-old and the couple has tried for more than six months without success, just then it is time to look for medical help.


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